Minor Ankle Sprain Heals Quickly Using Essential Oils

by Cynthe on February 10, 2018

full moon eclispe causes falls and sprains

On WEDNESDAY, January 31st 2018
~ My husband, stepping out the front door, unexpectedly took a misstep falling on front porch on his way to an early afternoon meeting. We knew immediately he had twisted his right outside ankle, causing an ankle sprain. Before we drove away, I asked if he would like to apply essential oils to minimize bruising, swelling, and any pain that might develop. He decided against doing so at that time.

When we got home, an hour-and-a-half later, he was limping. The ankle sprain was slight swollen, fortunately there wasn’t any bruising, the whole area was achy, hurt quite a bit to go down stairs, and was sore when applying pressure to the pedal to drive the car.

We applied essential oils Aroma Siez, a Young Living Essential Oils blend & Lemongrass (for ligaments) to his sore swollen ankle sprain: 2-3x that day. Within a couple of hours of the first application, and before he went to bed.

That evening we went a bought an ankle support brace to apply some compression and stabilize the injury. From 8-11pm or midnight, he did the first aid RICE procedure: rest – ice – compression – elevating his foot while relaxing.

THURSDAY, February 1st 2018
~ His ankle sprain was already much better. My hubby applied the same essential oils in morning. His only discomfort was some pain going down stairs.
We had an appointment in Phoenix scheduled with a long two hour drive to city. Wore the ankle support all day and drove the whole round trip w/o problem.  In the late afternoon, after the appointment, we walked around the Desert Botanical Gardens from 5-8pm w/o any limping or discomfort.

sprained ankle illustration of ligamentsFRIDAY, February 2nd 2018
~He didn’t do any self care.

SATURDAY, February 3rd 2018
~ The only residual discomfort was a slight pain when injured area was pressed directly. It still looked very slightly swollen. I suggested he keep applying the essential oils through the weekend. Not sure he actually did.

Lunar Effects on Balance

  • My husband’s unexpected fall and injury wasn’t the ONLY incident that occurred during this rare Blue Moon, Full Moon Eclipse.
  • The day before his accident, I experienced two moments when my own balance was off. Lunged, but recovered without tripping or falling.
    Took note…because it’s quite unusual for me to be uncoordinated or to stumble.
  • Wednesday evening, was chatting with my son (who lives a day’s drive from us in California) and found out his roommate had fallen the day before, causing a more serious ankle sprain that required crutches for her to walk.
  • Heard from some local friends that the next day their mother, who’s in her 80s, took a bad fall while hiking. They immediately used the essential oils ~ Helichrysum, Lavender, Peppermint ~ to stop the bleeding, calm her down, defray swelling and pain, and helped her get back to the car to be driven home.

So I began to wonder what the commonality was to all these minor injury causing accidents? And thought, perhaps it was the full moon…

Found the following very interesting information!

During a full moon, ocean tides are higher than usual due to an increase in gravitational pull from the moon and sun. Considering our bodies are 80 percent water, scientists and astrologers have often thought similar effects happen in the body, creating a “human tidal pull” that can affect brain function.

For centuries, there’s been a widespread belief that the moon exerts a powerful effect on human health and behaviour. Evidence is found in the word lunatic, a term derived from lunar, originally used to describe a form of insanity thought to be brought on by phases of the moon.

Today, few medical experts believe a person’s physical or mental health can be affected by a celestial body nearly 250,000 miles away. Yet studies continue to appear to confirm the full moon has a mysterious, and often completely inexplicable, influence on the body.

A study released last year found on full moon nights, there’s a rise in the number of patients seeking treatment for stroke symptoms, but who turn out to be completely healthy. Numerous scientific explanations have been suggested. One theory is the moon’s gravitational pull upsets the balance of fluid in the body’s cells, in much the same way as it causes the seas to rise. Another is that this pull somehow alters the body’s glands and organs.

‘Fake’ Strokes and More Serious, Even Fatal, Health Effects May Occur During Full Moon Phases

In 2008 British researchers found a link between the lunar cycle and what doctors call “medically unexplained stroke symptoms.” This is where patients develop complaints such as headaches, numbness and co-ordination problems, but turn out to have nothing physically wrong.

A team at the University of Glasgow Medical School analysed admissions to the city’s Western Infirmary Stroke Unit between January 1993 and September 2006. The mystery condition was thought to account for nearly two per cent of hospital admissions for stroke. Of more than 7,200 patients, 129 were found to have fake symptoms. When the calendar was checked, it was found these ‘fake strokes’ peaked on nights, when there was a full moon.

Makes one wonder, how a full moon is most likely to affect your health? Remember! Keep pure essential oils on hand for quick recoveries.

Read more:
SOURCE www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/136556/The-Lunar-effect

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