Myrrh Essential Oil Offers “Instant” Relief for Vaginal Yeast Infections

by Cynthe on August 12, 2008

One of the best ways to gain experience – and confidence – about the healing benefits of essential oils is to practice on yourself! We all have day-to-day or out-of-the-blue health issues that crop up.

With an interesting variety of minor health issues, I’ve decided to be my own client in my self-healing experiments. In the process, have assembled a journal of notes on my trial-and-observation method of learning.

12-8-2006 Notes from an email exchange with a friend

Interestingly, I, got “a raging yeast infection” (haven’t had one in years) a month ago – the last full moon around NOV 1st (2006). Just had another full moon on DEC 4th-5th. Is that when yours started? Wonder what the moon has to do with yeast infections? Am sure there must be a relationship…

Used steam distilled Essential Oils and nutrition to clear it up incredibly fast in a few days. Here’s what I did:

bottle of myrrh essential oil

Myrrh therapeutic essential oil bolsters the immune system.

– Mixed 2 drops of MYRRH (therapeutic-quality) essential oil in 1/8c of plain organic yogurt and spooned it carefully into myself (since I couldn’t find the applicator women use for vaginal creams / medications).

– Did this morning & night for two days.
(HINT: Wear a pad to keep from soiling underwear.)

– Took a probiotic capsule of Nature’s Way Primadophilus REUTERI (very aggressive against digestive candida) daily for a week. Figured if I had a vaginal yeast infection (external candida), I likely had digestive candida as well.

– Took 3 dropperfuls of Mineral Essence, a nutritional supplement, in 1/4c of organic, unsweetened Cranberry Juice every morning for a week along with the probiotic.

Amazingly, the symptoms subsided in 3 days and haven’t returned! Never got relief so quickly, 20 plus years ago, when my vaginal yeast infections were more problematic.

My friend’s comment: Thanks so much for the tip. I tried the Myrrh immediately and I think it’s helping. Lots of things correspond to the full moon, so this isn’t surprising – and I started my period yesterday. Oh joy. ~ Prema S.

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